Friday, November 30, 2012

Angela's Birthday

Angela's birthday was last November 25, 2012. We also planned a surprise for her last November 26, 2012 since she treated us at Greenwich.

The Birthday Girl, Angela Paat.

Angela and JP Urriza, one of blockmates (but he's an irreg.)

Stolen shot of JP

Boys from BSTM - 1B

Blockmates from TM1A

Andrea, Joy, Jenay and Angelika

In panic mode while waiting for Angela

Angela was shocked by our surprise!!

My awkward face. :)

Angela and friends!

Angela, Kuya Mikko and Marga.

(from left to right: Marga, Ate Alyx, Pam and Angela)

(From left to right: Pam, Ate Alyx, Ate Alyx's boyfriend and Angela)

Me ready to eat a whole bunch of food!

JM and Steph

Chocolate cake from Red Ribbon.

Lit candle taken by Ken

more photos:

HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY ANGELA!!! Thank you for the love and God bless!
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