Sunday, November 18, 2012

CEU Mates

Our second session in Physical Education. It's our second semester at Centro Escolar University - LVMakati. It's kinda weird because only few of the original TM1A were retained and the others were transferred in other sections. But yeah, we are adjusting with each other and us old TM1A's, are still bonding with each other.

Like this one, we took shots at a washroom after our ComSkills class. Haha. We were the last ones of our class left on the 10th floor. It's pretty cold in our small campus that's why we wear think hoodies and jackets as well. :D

(From left to right: Angela, Marga, Deanne and me)

Oh this photo was taken at LV-SAC, our small gym. Mehehehe.
(Deanne and me)

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