Wednesday, November 14, 2012


There are days I'm so happy. There are days am I so sleepy and the worst days are the days when these two are combined together; happy and sleepy. That is when I get officially bored.

Today, I have a 9AM class. But our professor wasn't able to make it in our class. Also, we don't have a professor for our second class this morning sooo, we had a two-hour break until our third subject for the day. I was with three of my friends, Angela, Deanne, and Marga. We have our "baon" but Deanne and I already ate up all our food so we decided to eat at Greenwich near our building. So there, we chatted while eating, blah blah blah. Seriously, I got tired because I was so naughty earlier. Oh man! I couldn't believe myself. I should really start shutting my mouth up. So there, we went back to our campus and waited for our next professor. I was thinking... I am bored. I have no idea how long will it takes to make time run faster. I was, in ugh!!

We have three remaining subjects: Tourism101, Management103 and ComSkills12. Dude! I almost feel asleep while the professor was discussing. I was so bored man! I didn't know what to do but yes, wait and wait and wait.

Then there, last period of the day, ComSkills12. TENSION WAS UP IN THE AIR!! I have a recitation to memorize and master. Our professor was a strict person. He has good sense of humor and he is a very well-disciplined man. The truth is really, HE IS SCARY!

One hour passed by and I wasn't able to master our assignment so maybe there's more to go. They scared me. Angela barely got the sh*t out of me!! I was scared. I don't like scary things.   Golly! She scared the heck out of me! I mean, seriously, she was able to make me cry... for the second time! I was so scared. I can't barely breathe. I was like, "Oh crap!" She was so scary I can't even look at her with her very very very long hair and then she would comb her hair down covering her face. I mean, dude!

But there, I moved on. But I was still scared.At dismissal, I was left with Deanne and Allecks, our other friend. She wasn't able to make in our class so, we both have short time to bond. Thank God God gave us that time earlier. Oh, I forgot! Julia came with us too but not for long. She waited for her boyfriend. Moving on, I was really hungry. I was looking for this special gift for my love. I couldn't find the right one though... But now I have an idea! >:)

I got tired. I went home around 7PM. It was late. I know! But I know it'll all be worth it so I didn't waste the opportunity to be with the girls.

I was exhausted. I was bored. Hahahaha. Let me laugh okay? I have negative things in mind. I was really naughty and I couldn't keep my head up so I stroke a pose:

I like making funny faces. Whaaaaaaaat? I don't like being too pretty. Oh, and I braided my hair because I don't like my hair all around my face.

I thank God for this day. It is good that I got home safe. I hope to receive more wonderful blessing from Him. My friends, they make me happy. They know me. And me? I know myself. I know that there will be other days in the next years that I will be more blessed and happy.

PS: Sorry if I make no sense sometimes.
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