Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sugar and Spice Naughty or Nice

November 17, 2012 ---- I watched the movie Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 with one of my bestest friend who attends college school but looks like a 6th grade student, Janella Gold. I surely love this kiddo!

Seriously, people don't believe when they ask what school she goes to. There was this one time that she and her father went to a university she chose (not to be mentioned for privacy) and the security guard stopped her and said, "Uy bata, hindi dito and grade school." or in English, "Hey kid, this is not where grade school is located." She answered like, "College na po ako! :(" In short, SHE GOT INSULTED BECAUSE OF HER HEIGHT. :D

Being a good friend of hers, I laughed. Then I hugged her so she won't feel bad. I love this kid! One of my exotic friends that's why I keep them close to me. :)

Anyway going back, we watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Rockwell. It was awesome! The movie was amazing. :D The fact that we didn't have to wait to buy our tickets and run to the movie house to get seated was awesome. Unlike at the other malls, all cinemas were full house. Thank God we went to Rockwell early.

I also knew that she would freeze to death inside the movie house. I just forgot to tell her that. I'm such a nice friend. Haha. LOL. The movie was almost done and I touched her and she was as I expected, shivering. She was cold, really cold even though she's wearing a jacket. She's still a baby. Our group's baby. Her family's baby. I tease her that and she'd look at me like some punching bag or something. So I told her to stay put and we'll leave as soon as the movie was finished. But you know what? I had different plans in mind. >:) (Evil laugh)

I gave her my jacket. She declined but I insisted. So we watched the whole movie. I hugged her to make her feel a bit warmer. It works, for a minute or two. She didn't expect that it would so cold. It was not like the other cinemas she'd been through. Haha. I had to hide my laugh.

After the movie, we went outside to feel the sun's heat. It made her feel better. Then we went back and took pictures. :)

Well, the background looks nice right? Find out where we took it? :D We took photos in the washroom as she commanded. (Kapal nya!)

I like being around her. We do stupid things especially when our other two friends are with us, we'd do the most insane things that pops in our head. Usually there's four of us but they can't really go so Janella Gold and I went without them. We couldn't miss the whole saga thing. :)

Photos taken: November 17, 2012
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