Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I Learn About Me

I'm not a gifted writer or a genius. I don't usually write anything on websites. I have no talent in writing even though we learn it in school. I don't have anything that will make people like my blog. All I have is stories. Stories that happens in my life. Stories about me. Stories I don't plan on telling my family, my siblings, or my friends. And this, this is my story...

I'm skinny even if I eat a lot. I have friends who accepts me for me. I don't really tell stories about myself. I don't trust people easily. I dance in my high school days and now I'm stuck in my college university dreaming of entering our school's Dance Troupe. I have many insecurities. I am not contented with what I have but yes I am very thankful for what I have. I love bunnies and I love new things. I have a good commonsense but sometimes, I loose it somewhere. I walk down the streets with attitude but beneath is a coward lady. I am a dork of my own kingdom. I try to keep it simple. My family is not ideal at all. I know I choose what I wanna eat. I barely eat real food. I have my own room, my own things, my own mind. I am in control of my life. I have a mother that guides me although she seems to be a controlling mother, by which she is but I still love her. I have two siblings I really hate because of the mistakes they've done. Idon't like dsappointing people but I act in a disappointing manner. I am not perfectly made by God. I was born to help God in fulfilling his creation. And this, this is just an insite of what my realworld is. THEREFORE, I AM A CATHOLIC BY HEART, BY MIND AND BY SOUL.

I have many things in mind I wanna do. I have always dreamed of Paris and other European countries, New York and the rest of the states and islands and Australia. I don't like the way my life is right now. Stuck in a room with all the technologies I have and lay down in my bed and do nothing. Seriously? I am a lazy person. If only I have money, I would travel. So in order to fulfill that, I need patience... A very long one too. My friends are confused about me. Sometimes, I'm an only child, sometimes I am not. I have two mothers too. And I do not know my father. I am not interested in meeting him. He does not seem to be interested in me too.

I have a nice life, and I thank God for that. I have blessings coming in a million times a day. Starting from the moment I wake up from the moment I sleep. Considering all people, friends, family, and other loved ones who came into my life or those who just passed by.

I am in love. Someone really special. He makes me laugh like no other people can, he makes me cry like no other guy can. He is my best friend. He is the guy I imagined of when I was young, but not so young. He is the guy I want to change into a better person. He is the guy I never imagined of coming into my life. He is the guy I never thought I could have; the guy I never thought of being with today. The guy that makes me fall in love from the moment he smiles at me. The guy that I know will take care of me, will pay respect to me, will not dare take me for granted, for please and for lust. The guy that changed my life. The "one" guy that made me fall in love the moment he said that he will never give up on me. The guy I busted for three times and never left. Yes. There are still guys like him out there. Somewhere in this world. There are blessings in all of us. There are people that are meant to be with us. That can make us happy and make us feel loved. The people that will not take us for granted. The people that knows what is fantasy and what is reality. The people that will stay by your side no matter how hard challenges in life may be.

God is love. Love is God. There are no boundaries in love. All things that are "good" is by loving. God did not create two people at first, but he created all of us (Accr. to my Theology professor). Love has not rules. Man, woman, bisexual, transgender, etc.. They are all people of God. We just have to be open minded in what the bible really says. God loves us. Please don't forget that?

Well. That's what I live for. I am what is up there. In my life, there are beliefs that have changed since I began in the maturity stage, as I think... I have been open to all opinions and reactions on what is life ought to be. But that up there, that is how I do things. That is how my life works. You can see mistakes in me but I learn. My learning process is continuous. I am student and Life is my teacher.
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