Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Friends

Today, J went over to help me out. I have this project in Theology that needs to be passed first week of January. -.- It's like Christmas break with projects? -.- Anyway, he helped me out. We cuddled up because it was cold yeah. And talked, a lot. Mum said we're so loud and that we should laugh to ourselves instead. But whatever, mom. 

We ate snack and chatted a lot. I tell you, it was like we were little kids. Laughing out loud. Being so messy and stuff. But what the heck? That's how we roll! After a few minutes, he went home because it was kind of late. So I thanked him and bid goodbye. I went to my room and began chatting with our friends. Gosh I love them! They are the coolest! So we talked about crazy things like kisses and stuff. It was my long time friend, Chinea's idea. Oh well, it's mature talk anyway! We talked about different kisses, hilarious ideas, our friendly date by January and oh, our love stories! Ohhhh, they make me go... "Yiiiieeeeee! :">"

By the time J got home, I lost connection! My cellphone load has expired and I have no communication but here online. But my friends weren't on line anymore. I had trouble. I waited and waited and waited. Long waiting moments and... connection's back! Horaaay!!

I chatted. We joked at each other, said insane things and love each other in the end. But the fun was a bit cut off because two of my best friends had to leave and so they did. I was left with the worst: J and Amaine. Oh golly! What will happen now....

I was paranoid. I typed words, words, words, words, and words. Long messages were received. The real purpose of my paranoid acts is that I want Amaine to know I never, ever broke up with J. That it was just a show we put up to not get J in trouble. A very long story, not meant to be told here really.

To my surprise, Amaine replied saying, "They don't need to know, we don't need to know. You two know that you both love each other so don't mind them. And if the solution is to shut up so no one will get in trouble, or whatever, as long as you two are fine, you should keep them instead. And we know you guys! You can count on us, us friends. Ya know! :) Mostly me, I support you two a lot! <3" There, one of the sweetest words Amaine ever said. She's really sweet, she's just shy to show it. And for J, he's know himself better.

Well, that really made my night perfect!! That is why I really love them to the max! They rock! Such great friends were given to me. Meeting them really made my 2012 so fun and memorable. They made this year unforgettable. I am so blessed to have met them. :) <3
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