Thursday, January 17, 2013

Corregidor Tour - January 12, 2013

Last Janaury 13, 2013 we had our tour in Corregidor Islands, Philippines. It was magnificent. The structure of the old barracks were still preseved. Some machineries were painted so they won't rust. 

 Corregidor is a tadpole-shaped island. It came from the Spanish word, "corregir" which means "to correct". The Spaniards had reign in the Philippine parameters for a long time (333 years to be exact) but when they Americans came, they were defeated because the Americans had more new equipments and they were no match for them. The Spaniards were out numbered as well. The Americans won.

During the American times, they trained the Filipinos to be independent. Yes, they were willing to give us our independence as a country but they still got a hold of us. So still, we are still relying on them. They trained the Filipinos, how to use guns, they focused on education where most Filipinos were given a chance to look on during the Spanish era. So they did. Filipinos back then were almost ready to be independent until the Japanese came and started bombing the island. The Americans and Filipino soldiers were out-numbered. Japanese knew that the Corregidor Islands was the naval base of the Americans, so they blew up the whole island. Bombing here and there, structures began collapsing soldiers swimming in their own blood were everywhere. It was one of the bloodiest war ever happened in the history of the Philippines. The Americans and Filipinos were defeated. As a punishment, the surviving soldiers were set off to march for 128 km s in 6 days (April 9, 1942 - April 15, 1942) without food and water. Approximately, 70, 000 - 140, 000 American and Filipino soldiers were captured. They marched from Mariveles up to Capas, Tarlac. During their march, around 20, 000 men died.

So that's just a brief history of what Corregidor Island really is. :D It is quite long but along the way, it is very interesting. :)

Anyway, Sorry for that long story but here are the photos! :)

Photos from the CCP before cruising :)

Mark Joshua Solidum and Me :D

(from L-R: Angeliz, Angela and Ghelle)

At Corregidor Island :)

The Famous Malinta Tunnel

Battery Way

Aron and The Machine

Corregidor flag

Noki and JM imitating the statue

A View with Dum :)

Our Tour Guide! :)

Battery Way

The biggest in the island

The View


College Logo

Ghelle and Ken.

So here are some photos taken in Corregidor Island during our tour! Seeing this was refreshing :D

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