Tuesday, January 29, 2013


There are no new trends. The clothes seen in the malls and shopping centers are trends before. People just use these old trends and modernized their designs to have them fit in our generation.

For three years, I have been observing the fashion industry. I looked up magazines from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. I know I've been running with vintage suites for the past years and yes, I must say they suit me very well. From tees to heels, shirts to skirts, hats and flats and shoes to boots. From make-ups to hair to stilettos. From jeans to shorts to dresses. I even had my wardrobe re-organized from latest trends to vintage trends. I even tried to relocate vintage accessories every now and then. If I say "vintage", it has to be a "real vintage". Now I feel like the 80's or 90's fashion trends seems to be popularized in our modern world.

What gives? Fashion is not always as new as it seems. It changes every season and every month, the industry tries to created new styles and gives ideas on how people will be able to show their own style by pieces of clothing. People even buy expensive clothing pieces and mash them up to create a unique look. (But me, I don't pretty much new clothes. I actually bleach my old clothes; I cut, I sew and I style it away) Fashion is a way of expressing our emotions and who we really are. It is a sense that gives people an idea on how we roll. It can also be an indicator of our daily mood and sudden mood swings. In life, fashion is a permanent aspect that gives an individual to gain respect and freedom. It helps one being to express himself.

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P.S: Sorry, I have been wanting to post this for days.. Just realized I need to finish the last sentence.

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