Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Judgement Day

So it's Wednesday, again. An hour and a half with the Dr. C. Ooooh, I can feel my stomach wanting to leave my digestive system, my brain wanting to explode any moment now. Yes, we were given time to memorize, memorize, memorize and memorize. Isn't it amazing? As most of the professors have said to us, "You will never be fully an Escolarian if you weren't handled by Dr. C." - with a smile on their faces. Well guess what? We are freshman students treated like juniors and seniors.

So all I can do now is, read, memorize (hate this part) and pray to God that I will survive the LONG TEST (we do not even know what to write on our papers later!!) and his precious class.

What I look forward to right after the head spinning bloody hour...

I'll just hope everything will turn out to be great. So help me God.

Got this song stuck in my head:

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