Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lazy Days

For the last three or four days I had been dragging myself down the streets of Makati and Manila. Why? I'm lazy to walk, talk, chat, or even lift a finger is tiring for me. And I feel like I'm carrying a 150 million dollar corporation up my back. My eyes are even too tired to open up. So ironic! The only reason why this is happening is that, I pretty much have cold and cough at the same time. Thanks to that even getting up from bed is taking up too much energy.

So I decided to drink as many coffee I can. Well, not too many - effect: SLEEPY. Oh good Lord! Sometimes I'd think of getting a newsletter from the directors of Guinness Book of World Record that I have been part of the team called, "Everything is Tiring" sort of club or team. And that my name has been written in the Guinness Book of World Record. Thanks for doing nothing.... Okay, that is too imaginative of me. But what the heck? I have good imagination, mostly weird ones and some are insane but possible to be done by humans.

But at the end of the day, I'm down lying on my bed, thinking about the possibilities that surely completed my day and the people I had been with, I can say that I still managed to smile, I managed to laugh or tell short events or scenarios, or even drag my feet going to places and meeting my friends. I can still defeat sloth every now and then. :)

Well, this is not really a typical thing for me.  This morning when I woke up, I turned on the television and watched HBO. They featured a short film called, "H2O: Just Add Water". And I thought what if I was one of those mermaids who has special powers and could still live normally? Tight responsibility I think. It's a nice film since it showed that good character will gain more friends and bad ones will loose them. Rudeness is a sick joke I must say.

Oh, I will also be waiting for Immortals. But the sad part is, it'll be showing by 11:00PM tonight. And I have 9 o 'clock classes tomorrow. Oh barnacle sticks! My only wish is that I hope they will show Captain America here in Philippines by 11:00AM. :>
Wait, so what is my point now of telling this?! (sighs).. Angel!
My point is, I watch a movie, lay down on my bed, and do nothing. That's the lazy part. But seriously, I really have to change this mood of mine before I forget that I have school and house errands to run!

Song stuck in my head since yesterday:

I Got A Boy by Girl's Generation

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