Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lessons Learned 2012

2012 was a great year to start it off. yes, I may experienced troubles and obstacles but hey, guess what! I'm done and I had overcome it all. So here's a little of what I learned:

I can actually survive a little of college. Hopefully, first semester I did. 
There's more to life when you step it up. You can never loose anything anyway.
Dare to take a risk in everything. Trust me it is worth a try.
Mistakes are great teachers. You can learn from them, things which were not taught inside classrooms.
If you fall and can't get back up, some friends will go down beside you.
Love is a mutual feeling for everyone. Men and women are meant for one another.
Dreaming is a good thing. You know, if you have dreams in life you will have to set up a goal on who you really want to be.
Crying is a way of expressing your feelings. But eventually, you have to stop.
Learn to say NO.
Enhance you skills. You shouldn't hide what gift was given to you. You talent is a way of expressing who you are.
People come and go.
Have a little faith. It comes very handy.
Love yourself. Let go of all the things that hurts you most.
New things have yet to arrive.

So there. Now, I have to set goals for this new year. I'm glad these stuff were taught to me. Thanks to making decisions and making mistakes.

2013 Goal: Be more faithful and bring happiness to the people around you. :)
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