Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seafood Survival - Amazing Day!

This day to be specific is tiring yet I enjoyed a lot! I really gave up on food, seafood. Golly! Family dinner at "Seaside Paluto Restaurant". Eating there was worth it. It's not even pricey at all! All sea foods were fresh and fruits were fresh too.
Then we headed back to hotel (not named for safety purposes) where my auntie stays. I had to loosen my belt because I can hardly stand.

Back at the hotel..

Here we stayed at the Roof Deck. Drank coffee and tea :)

A view of Makati Ave. from the deck.

Pool Area

So yeah, it was passed 9PM by then and still cars are passing by. People are still awake by this hour.

I was really enjoying the moment. As I said in tagalog, "Sinukuan ko ang pagkain!" It was a fun experience and I am hoping that will be a next time. :)
This day ended so amazing! Waiting for another better day tomorrow, thank you God for this wonderful day. I am so blessed to have experienced this blessing you had showered upon your people. Good night guys! :D
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