Friday, January 25, 2013


Today is actually one of the days I consider as "Best Worst Days of My Life".  Adding to the fact of being bored, starved for many times as before, wanting to watch a movie but I can't, earned more money from my allowance in three days which is so unbelievable of me and amazing, and really wanted to blog a lot but have no idea what to write. But now I do! :D

So here's the catch: yesterday, my friends explained to me for more than 5 times that "according to them" I was one of the candidates(?) of DL (Dean's Lister). I really don't believe that part. I am HEAD-OVER-HEELS I tell you! So there, they almost beat me up because I didn't really know and the thought has not registered in my mind. But yes, I love that idea, overwhelming and at the same time, I never dreamed. Obligation is one of the things I don't want to handle meaning I am too lazy and I commit sin because of that. But whatever, I still manage to do great. But that was yesterday. I just want to share that scenario slash addicted conversation.

Here is the real thing - I got disappointed by my best friend by how she acted. It was so uncool, really highschool and I felt like I needed to build my wonderwalls up between us. I am her friend, but not all the time I am going to be there for her even when all of us knows she's wrong and stubborn. But oh well, I am not really looking for that bad side.

The fact that tomorrow is Saturday and as far as my knowledge extends to news and rumors, we have no classes for Statistics tomorrow. But we will have to visit CEU-GP for our attendance in Statistics. A big "hoooray!!" from me! Saturday's for quality time in visting the mall or bonding with friends, eating unlimited dishes and still, begging for my body to take in nutrients! I grabbed my toes and picked up my nose and tried to finish all errands.... except for one: downloading process! Too tired. Not needed for school. Too lazy. Too sleepy. But too good to have!
Ranking: 4 out of 5 are negatives. 1 is positive. Majority wins!

See that? I only have few works to finish. :D

Tonight, I want to sleep right away. No problems, although Filipino is a pain-in-the-neck thingy.

Song stuck in my head:

Begin Again by Taylor Swift

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