Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Blessing

Tonight is not like the other nights. It was a bad experience for me and my mom. </3 In my opinion, anger and fright took over. But in the end, it will all be a nightmare to remember and learn from. 

Me and mom were walking down the streets of Makati. We were head to one of the stores after attending the 5PM mass. The street we walked down to was dark, some areas were dark and some were lighten up by street lights. We were joined by other mass attendees so we were not quite alone at that time. I didn't really notice a lot of things mom carried. We were having this chat and I thought she had nothing with her. So I really didn't know anything about what she is handling by then. We walked and talked and walked and talked. People were behind us and others were by-passing us. We kept walking. We passed by Quickmelt Ensayamada store. There I told mom if she wants to check it out but she declined. I agreed since I was hungry too. When we by-passed the store, it all happened. Mom thought somebody got hit by a vehicle one second, and the next thing she realized her bag was snatched by 2 people riding a motorcycle. She was almost dragged down, good thing I held on tightly to her. She was in shock. Even the people behind were. I thought of getting the plate number since that's the only thing that would help us but no plate number. Smart people I thought. I ran to see where they'd go but in the blink of an eye, the motorcycle disappeared. I thought of calling my uncle that moment. No answer. I texted my other uncle to pick us up from the corner of the street, texted J and my auntie that instant. My texts messages were sent with wrong grammar. I was shaking and in panic. I mean seriously, even the world's greatest boxer with also feel the tension. If not, then you're not normal. I could feel adrenaline run through my veins. I was almost out of breath but I didn't mind. I thought, mom. She was so traumatized. Her strength was drained out of her body. she can barely even stand. It wasn't the bag we were worried about, it's her health. When her bag was taken away, a jeepney followed the motorcycle and we got almost hit. good thing I pulled her back. If not, we both might end up in the hospital. God, those people! I really think they should take up a real job instead. Mom sobbed and I kept answering calls from my uncle who I don't know what he said but told the scenario in the exaggerated section. There we waited. Talked with the witnesses. Blah blah blah. My uncle picked us up from near the intersection of the streets. We went to report the scenario and from there, we went home.

Seriously, these people have got to get real jobs! Come on, what's wrong with the world? The only safest place I have ever known now is home. And that's it. Going out of its parameters is standing at the very edge of a high cliff thinking whether you jump off or not. I was so mad that time. I really want to kick asses of those people. Is that seriously what they're gonna feed themselves or their family? Right now, I feel really sorry for them. So sorry that I would even thank them for what they did. But I really wanna punch their faces off to the ground because of what they did. Justice should be brought here. Hm. One question? Until when will we wait for that? See. Crimes like these are starting to rise here in my hometown. Our city's the richest of all cities here in Philippines So I wouldn't really think that there will be no crimes here. People have work, stable jobs, and they have good salaries. So it is possible that bad airheads would actually stay here.

The good thing is, we're safe. But still, the fear and trauma from what happened was still fresh and for sure it will be staying for a very long time.

People should really have to be more careful than ever. Evil strikes anywhere! We are so thankful for this learning. God is so good that even if evil strikes, He is still keeping us safe. Safer than ever.
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