Sunday, February 3, 2013

Have A Break :)

It's Sunday and I only have a few days to prepare for a special day. Adding to the fact that I have body pain because of major stress, dance practice and brain drain, I suppose my body can't stand the pain but still, I can manage. If success is a few steps away then I will just carry on with reaching for it! Hopefully by the time I reach it, I won't break down into hunger and thirst. Ohhhhh, I've got work to do and I haven't started yet.Hopefully, I find a way to work it out by tomorrow! I know God will always be here to help me out. :)

Lord, I prayed to you a while ago that my legs and thighs were in pain because of excessive walking and dance practices and you know that I haven't been resting enough by your side for quite some time. I'm sorry for that I have been busy and have not spent time with you. And now that I had the chance to visit you in your humble home I pray and thanked You for all the blessings and for the lessons in forms of sufferings. I know You wouldn't teach me I wouldn't learn. Thank you. Thank you also for taking away the pain from my legs and for giving me the strength to re-think over my work and helping me in my activities. I love you so much. And I pray that all people will also be as blessed as You have blessed me. Good night, Dear Lord. :)

Sunday Lazy Outfit:

My music for the night:

Nothing by The Script

P.S.: I am really hoping that not even one good mistake can change my mood. :)
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