Monday, February 11, 2013

I Cannot Name This Title!

I said earlier to myself I will be trying to manage my time. By that, I mean I already have "planned" plans fr the week. The most important dates of the week! Suddenly, sonic boom hit me. Schedules have been tight and I can't really have time to be with the troops again. Ugh!

Then one glance I got this scratch (seriously!) from my friend Angela, who's nails are super duper long! Trust me, this one's an accident. Well then, let's try the actual sometimes ey! :D -.-

She left a long mark right there. Anyway, I really wanna see J but schedule forbids. Dang it! Music, please ease the pain of being intelligent. Ohhhhh butter sticks! Speaking of, I got my midterm exam results; I did good (in some) but in some, my brain didn't take in the knowledge anymore. I didn't fail, I just, I didn't do better rather. Well, gotta do what I gotta do best: When depressed and alone, EAT!
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