Friday, February 15, 2013

Love. Love Love. Love. Love!

Valentine's Day highlights all those who are in love and the couples who strongly bind their love for each other. Normally, most people think that love is only felt when you have a couple, married, or in simple thought, a girl and a boy dating. But didn't they know that love is a feeling felt by all human being and expressed in different ways?

Love is blind. Is springs out wherever, whenever, whatever you are doing as long as your heart knows what is truly desires for.
Love is a mutual feeling towards others. It is an action.
Love is a learning. It binds people from being apart. It releases pain from our hearts.
Love is a sensation, an admiration.
Love brings out the best in all of us. It gives joy to us and to others.
Love does not posses the bad but always releases all the good.
Love can be difficult but it makes us stronger after several storms.
Love is an understanding. It should be fair and forgiving.
Love brings colors to our lives. It can be harsh but is tolerable.
Love is a feeling you feel when you do good.
Love can be felt when being with others.
Love is a choice.
To love oneself, is to love others as well.

Love is God. No doubts. No explanation.

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