Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mash-Up Post

I am bummed because I have no idea what to blog about for the last two days. It seems that midterm examinations had drained my ideas out. It took me two whole days to think about writing good stuff but still, words ran out of my mouth. I still have nothing good to write about. -_- I just realized (just now and I don't know why) I had been wasting my voice since I was 11 because of low self-esteem. If I stayed in the U.S. and stayed in our drama club and took voice lessons, I could've been better since I knew what type of notes my voice is capable of reaching. How I miss stage plays and singing and dancing at the same time and how acting comes along with it! Anyway, BACK TO REALITY!

I took these photos a while ago while chatting with J on Viber. That kiddo is sick and still playful, a weirdo, and kept making hilarious faces while wearing blue jacket and had a cold wet towel on his forehead. I said he looked like a guy who lives in streets. Worse probably. But then J would laugh and I would and silence suddenly break in. J is such a baby! -.- I told him that if he gets better, I'd give him a prize. Well, J loves Crazy Dip lollipop candy thingy so I'd buy that as soon as his virus disappears.


Tomorrow ---- start of 2nd semester finals. I'm nervous about my grades. How did I do? Did I pass? Will I stay in Block-A? Ohhh how I love that letter and I wish not to be removed from that block. Well, I still have one more chance to fix myself and keep my head in the game. I don't want to wear white nurse outfit during summer and skip subjects for the rest of my college life. Plus, I am surviving Doc C.'s class! Another BIG ACHIEVEMENT for me. Whew!! LOL. Okay, I'm writing nonsense. I should stop now.

I'll be back when my brain is straighten up and I have something sensible to write about. :)

Song in my head:

Faithfully by Boyce Avenue

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