Thursday, February 7, 2013

Second Examination Day!

Yesterday I went to a coffee house near our place. I stayed there so I can have peace while studying for our exams. It was hard rather to think about topics and strategies on how it will more convenient for me to catch up since the bed is really catching up with me. But the coffee house was full house and people talked really loud. So I decided to leave and go to Reed Ribbon instead. It was peaceful and quiet there so I had a little chance of getting myself focused on schoolworks. Laziness is chasing my system and rushing through my veins but I won't let that happen. I know there's more surprises during examination days. I have to be focused on what might happen and what to not clearly expect from everything.

(From yesterday's photo)

(Today's photo: studied and bonded with the three)

Thinking about what is today, what is now is more important than what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow. Be prepared on what is unexpected to chase down your feet. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and be challenged with it instead of taking it on the bad side. These may take you to the next level and may be the opportunity to help you out in facing the challenges laid upon you. :)

Good luck with everything. I will really rock these exams off (wishing I will!). Going to be ready for exams tomorrow. I am going to take one of the longest and hardest exams given in my entire life. GOOD VIBES!
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