Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Slumber Morning!

So today I rushed in fixing my stuff for school, and hurried to do my take home quiz in Math which was right in the end but I missed some details and danced blah blah blah and went home. But one of the best part of today is that some of my block mates from BSTM1A joined our crazy idea in making a short blooper doing "HARLEM SHAKE".

Pretty amazing how those guys do it. It's like partying in the morning and sleeping at night. :D Crappy amazing! Since not all wanted, we just pulled out those people whom we know will join the fun and really shake their booties off while video recording is on! And yeah, result was totally cool, totally awesome!! :D

Okay so, I feel bad for one of my block mate since I just didn't know how to say this but uh, I'm totally stuffed about the fact that she doesn't have this pleasant smell and it is really hard to say because of the thought that she might loose her self-esteem or even stay away. She's not a close friend of mine but yeah, I still feel bad because she's a pretty nice person. Her friends are also scared to tell because they don't want to hurt her feelings. You know girls, very very very fragile! But as her friends stated, it is not a good idea to keep that idea from her. I know to myself I sometimes say things and joke things about the idea but at the end of the day I realized how doltish and mean I was and I pray that somehow in a good way and right time, someone will have the courage to tell her the truth. I know I can't since I'm really mean in doing such things and trust me, my best friends had seen it and it was awful and funny at the same time.

Well, I just hope that day will be today! I know her friends love her and didn't want to hurt her feelings so, I salute them for confronting their friend! :)

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This video is lively, fun, exciting and really shows different ways to enjoy life! :)

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