Friday, February 1, 2013

These People

First Story:
This morning I was riding a jeepney on my way to school. Lalalalala ~ A lady, around 40's or 50 years of age, went on to ride the jeep I was in. She sat beside me. I was waiting if ever she was going to have her payment for riding so I can take it to the jeepney driver. It was long.. Lalalalalalalalala ~ The last unloading station, The Parking Lot, she went off the jeep. That was when I realized she haven't paid yet! I was like, "You're old and I bet you teach your children and your grand children good manners but you do not apply it to yourself. You showed hypocrisy..." I looked out for her, I saw her and she looked at me and looked away.

I felt sorry for the driver. He was really working hard to earn money and feed his family and some people just don't realize that they are teaching bad things to their family too. It was sad. But then, life has many lessons for us to learn from our mistakes. Hopefully, that woman would be able to learn that she was wrong.

Second Story:
I was happy. Oyeah I was! I went to the studio where we are currently practicing our dance performance for our exam and presentation. :D I was happy but mood swing attacked. Then I lost interest on what we were doing. I got bored, I lost my smiles, I didn't want to talk to anyone. From then on, I felt something bad was going to happen. Then I again, had a sudden mood swing, I was jolly again. But I could still feel the irritating part about it. I tried to play along, be happy and jolly as always, I'd kid around and some, some of my friends would kid saying, "Wooh! You always do something that means something else. If you do anything, it always has different meanings..." When I heard that from my very bestfriend who I truly value even she's a bitch, and then a second motion from my other friend, I started to feel my blood rise up from my legs up to my head. GEEZ! THANKS TO THEM, I JUST GOT OFFENDED! -____- From then on, I was so frustrated. I started to look like my horrid face, looked at no one, speak to no one, and answer them using head signals. I was so offended. I felt like at first it was cool, it's fine I'll go play along. But sometimes I feel like, are you serious? You think our other block mates are like bitches but you do think you're as clean as freshly opened soap? Oh come on.

I did not talk at anyone at all. I nodded yes or no or my shoulders instead. She really went beyond the line. It was so frustrating that I want to slap someone's face. I was so frustrated because she is so insensitive. I am not the type of person that I will be the one who will approach you first. How she speaks, so cruel and careless. I felt humiliation back at the studio. I really feel sorry for her.

But then again, I wouldn't let this day be ruined by someone who speaks so careless. So I asked mom if we could order food outside and have it delivered at home. She agreed thank God! :)

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How We Do by Rita Ora (Acoustic Version)

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