Saturday, February 9, 2013

Third Examination Day!

So probably this is getting pretty tight 'cause of major studying during this week. Adding to the are the dance practices and thesis proposal in-the-making which stresses me out. I'm getting bored on what happens during the last days of the week. But since yesterday was a thrill to me, I may be able to jot down highlights about yesterday's events.

I took exams on Theology (which was a piece of cake), Management (harder than the first!) and Communication Skills (didn't eat much of our time but still hard)
I learned that it really is not easy to earn profit. People will do whatever they can do earn bigger income.
Our country's citizens are terribly weird in different ways.
I am very suspicious with everybody nowadays. I'm just being more careful.
I eat a lot but can't! Since I have to save my allowance for the remaining days before Valentines, I really have to sacrifice major consumption on food. This breaks my heart! LOL.
I am a lazy person named by nature. - That really explains it.
Caffeine is now water to me. During examination days, I usually drink coffee so I can stay up for the night studying but no. The more I drink coffee, the more I put caffeine, the More I feel oozy and sleepy! (Immunity to coffee is such a bore)

I better get to my brains and not my toes and start studying! Fourth and final examination day is in few hours later. I haven't even started on anything yet. Good luck to me!

Song stuck in my head (thanks to my good ol' friend for singing this song for the whole day)

Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia

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