Sunday, March 17, 2013

17th Birthday for Dae!

It's MARCH 17!! Happy St. Patrick's Day! :) 

Also greeting my good ol' friend, Daerylle G. Joseco a happy happy 17th birthday!! She's really getting old. LOL. I miss her and the whole gang! I can't find another friend like her anywhere in the world. This smart, kind, and naughty friend of mine is someone who is going to be missed.. and a lot! :) She is the only person I've known that hates being expected to do great and get higher grades and keep it up. I remember her crying because our old teachers are really expecting a lot from her since she topped our whole batch that time. She just wants to play and study and study and be insane! :) Happy birthday Daerylle! Loveyou. :)
- A. <3

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