Friday, March 29, 2013

TBC + Holy Week

I was so happy to be with these guys! I missed them a lot. <3 <3 <3

(L-R: with Faye, Zai and Lui)

 This cutie right here is Daerylle, the owner of the house, the kid that is more than childish at she looks and the crazy one in the group! :)

I will be so happy to see these guys again. Hopefully, we'll all be together. We weren't complete that time. Cathy and Kyle were not in the bash sooo. :> 


Happy Holy Week everyone! I really hope we can all have the chance to repent on our sins and remember the good things Jesus had done and to never forget that He is the savior who will never stop forgiving and saving us from our faults. This Lenten Season, let us all offer to God the problems we have and let's just clear our hearts, minds and soul and understand that we beings, children of Christ, we should have a stronger faith in God.
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