Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today I woke up feeling heavy. It is like carrying tons of barbels and I know my bones cannot handle. But thinking about all the hard works and complete requirements I've done and passed, I feel great! I feel satisfied. But it bothers me, how did I do? Will I be able to get high grades? Will I still be in Block A next semester? -- These questions. Unknown answers. Though all these are troubles to my heart, I see the white-haired woman who I know gives me hope to do great and succeed. The true inspiration. :) <3
(Right now I feel really nervous... I don' t know why but I feel like my grades... :( I can't afford to fail. God, please guide me. You know how much this means to me. And I know that You only give me what I deserve. I lend it all to You, my Lord.)


YOLO (You Only Live Once) by The Lonely Island featuring Adam Levine

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