Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Guam: Hometown Trip!

I miss my hometown, not Philippines of course but Guam. Lived there for just a year but memories have been treasured and kept all these years. And I am excited to be back! Although I will only spend two weeks, I will make new memories with my friends back there.  :)

Hopefully I could still be posting a lot of things from Guam like I used to. Mum won't let me bring my netbook because we don't have an 110-V adaptor - for it. And I'm really disappointed with that news by the way. Can't text or even email my friends. Now I am wishing that God may grant me just one adaptor for the trip. Please please please!!!

1. Our luggage for the trip (only weighs 40 lbs.) 2. Close up photo of my stuff 3. I'm packed! 4. Clothes I didn't bring for the trip

Song in my list:

22 by Taylor Swift

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