Friday, April 5, 2013

I know it's not much and it's not the kind of "thing" I want, but this is so cool! :> I asked for this camera the other day and look! I got it! :> I'm so happy! Yeah, I like DSLR better but hey, I love this 'cause it's handy and small. It won't take much weight inside our luggage. :D

I actually consider this as my late-birthday gift. This is just one, the other gifts were the plane ticket (which I love the most!) and the cash for shopping spree and treat for my friends. Woohoo! 

No filter. Just pure Nikon.

 I took this photo when our car was moving. :D

 Free Nikon case!

 One of my addictions. I bought this last year for my C.A.T. Training but here it is.. Never been used. Not even once. Still, smells good. :)

Wings by Little Mix

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