Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fan Girl: Cher Lloyd

You guys do know who the "Cher Lloyd" is right? She is one of the top singers in our generation. Since I am a fan girl, I know she was born around 1993, 28 of July. She was first seen on The X-Factor (seventh series) and was discovered since then. :)

Her first single, Swagger Jagger, at first I didn't really knew who sang this song. But when I first heard it, partied like crazy! It's a fun song and catchy. Second is With Ur Love featuring Mike Posner. That time I was so into Mike Posner's Cooler Than Me. But I saw the music video and I was like, "who is she?! She's so cool!"(and that is why I started being a fan girl!) She was so cool and her hair was so awesome! I first thought that she got this natural swag and she is really pretty.

To be honest, this type of hairstyle really suits her. She has that beauty of being young, fresh and simple.

With Ur Love by Cher Lloyd feat. Mike Posner

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