Friday, May 3, 2013

*Insert Title* - Bliss

This is like too early for me writing something insensible... Too bad my brain is totally off since finals of second semester. And it is still being drained by all these heat and pollution experienced by my poor country and.. Anyway, going back ~

This post isn't always about what is cute or funny, or something that makes me popular as a nonsense blogger. Well, I wouldn't forget that the first reason why I even created this blog is to have some thing valuable enough for me to write on. Something that is worth keeping and reading in the future. And while I'm still young (and wishing it lasts), I wanted to make great memories and keep them in here. Yes, I actually like long-hand writings, bulky papers, crooked hand writings and etc. Honestly, I never finish one bunch before. I may have written a couple but that's it! It feels like it gets boring and tiring and other emotional attachments.. Sometimes, people just throw those letters and do not value them; I know because I had one before. It wasn't just a simple letter though. It was a letter asking if I also like this guy and other blah blah. And I was T-E-N years old for god's sake. How could I even possibly know the value of it?

Actually, I am creating this post just so that I can feel a little better right now. Yes, burdens and problems never end. But sometimes, I make this blog as my "escape" or "wonderland" as Alice called it. This blog isn't that pretty and sensible and touchy and popular like the ones I read about even before. I even have this other blog which I so abandoned already because I've been just writing and writing and writing 'cause my goal was for people to read and comment, read and comment but I never thought of having my blog be appreciated. So here, I do write something insensible, or may be mess up all the things and not stick to one topic per post but heck this blog is my online journal. :)

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