Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Next Level of Fashion

I love blending styles from styles. Classic and rock. Simple and messy. Chic and edgy. Lazy ad romantic. These are the kind of styles I love matching and mixing with my clothes. But in my place, it is difficult to wear all of these without people staring at you or something. But guessing from the confidence I gained for the past few months and activities we've done, I'm pretty sure now of how much self-esteem I built. So I officially told myself that I will not let anybody be a hinder for what I wanna be or what I should do. Sometimes, I get bored and started wearing old stinky clothes and really out of style and so I feel a sudden downfall. But when I do dress up, I feel confident and like I can do a lot of things.

Money is important nowadays so just people can buy more nice and fashionable clothes. But for me, maybe it does matter but not all the time. I get to buy at bargains and sales good pieces of clothing. SORRY GUYS IF I DON'T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE. :)

These are really cute clothes I love to imitate. :>
(Please take note that photos are not mine. Some photos are taken from Tumblr)

I love this outfit. This can be worn for everyday. :)

This is kind of has a vintage vibe which really suits my taste!

Ooooh!! This skirt has an aztec prints. It's simple, chic and you can go out and have some girly time with some friends!! :)

To me, it has an edgy and chic style. This is also great for everyday outfit! :>

(Photos are not mine. All rights reserved)
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