Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nothing To Do

Last night I was dreaming about zombies and ghosts and they were chasing to somewhere I don't know. Really weird cause they were trying to eat me out but they couldn't... Maybe that is because I watched Phineas and Ferb TV show on Disney and like they were forced to think inside the box and became like zombie blah blah's. :D

Well, just sharing! :) To let you guys know I wanna work. Studying and working are two things that yes, very hard to balance. But maybe earning money is the way of surviving and knowing that life isn't as easy and having money trees and living in a mansion and stuff. But seriously, I just wanna earn money so I can buy what I want. -___- Since mom is being a strict totally controlling mother, she is really becoming the pain-in-my-butt although I love her. No one can even talk to her and tell her her issues about herself. (sigh) Good thing a lot of cute things have cheered me up a bit! :)

These cuties are what cheers me up! A lot and big time. I hope you like these photos :)

PS: Photos are taken from Tumblr | credits are given to those who took these pictures
(c) All rights reserved.

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