Sunday, May 26, 2013

Today's Outfit!

Since I cannot find my mom's vintage tripod and have no idea if it's still a master of strength and ability, I don't have a big DSLR which I don't plan to buy 'cause it's big and not handy and I'm not an absolute fashion blogger but I do love dressing up like barbie or punk or chic and edgy or even romantic. Well, today we went to my cousin's (Kuya Paolo) Christening for his son, Paris Eurica together with his wife, Ate Irish. They have a cute baby and I know she's is going to be really pretty. :)

Anyway, here's a little something of what I wore today!

I took a selfies cause I got bored while on our way. The traffic light's kinda slow and there's a lot of cars roaming around Greenbelt. But when I got my camera, our car moved! Good thing I know how to take good selfies while inside a moving vehicle! :)

This photo looks cute but blurred so I just pinched a few sharp filter to make it look clearer. Ohhh! My skirt, that's from my auntie. It's actually vintage. When I got it, it smelled vintage. She haven't wore it like decades already! And I know how I love vintage! <3

This photo was actually the best I got. So I just did what I did to the last photo up there so there's continuity or what so ever I cannot find the right word!

Yes I know, I don't have the photographer ya'll have. but a timer works too! And a little editing skills helped me. But this is all I got. Hope you like it though! :)

Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd

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