Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Friendly Throwback!

In my last post, I noted about stress and how to deal with it. Guess what? The next day I got loaded with school works and upcoming quizzes I had no idea. So instead of calming myself and chilling like a boss, I screamed like a psycho-girl and worked my butt off those school works! Yet, there's a way of calming me down. My mates lend me their earphones since mine was broken (for the fourth time). Instead of calming me, I just sang my voice out and disturbed the whole class. Well, take it or leave it guys?

Anyway, I just miss being around these people especially during these stressful times. Although I couldn't find a photo of me together with Chinea and Marge so this post is actually not fulfilled. (LOL I'm waaaaaaay dramatic!)

These are (obviously) throwback photos! Why I haven't posted recent photos in college? Because I'm blessed to see and be with them everyday almost everyday of the week. And it's really a great experience to have them in laughing sessions all the time even during classes! Hopefully I'll survive hell week! I mean there's too much to think about and on the very first day of class, I already felt the pressure of being in Block A. So I'm not really sure if I can keep up. I wish I could, I mean I put a lot of effort into getting that block, so I'll just have to eat more chocolaties and get a full-blast in every school session. :)

Seriously guys, sometimes I speak out of language and the only thing I notice is that I'm the only one who understands me or sometimes I don;t understand myself... Tough!
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