Saturday, June 8, 2013

Heart of Neon

When we went to Guam last April 2013, massive sale has been up! Talk about sale in the Philippines and in Guam, there is a big and I mean "b-i-g" difference. Stores in Guam have their sales up to 80%! And with that, my cue saying "Mum! Shopping time!!!" Talk about massive shopping and super sales! And from then on, you know what happened? I shopped 'til I dropped! A very tiring day indeed! But hey, seeing shopping bags scattered in our room that time was a big relief!

I didn't know but I was never in to neon colors... That was until I saw this! This cute sweatshirt captured my sight while shopping. Although I knew there were other designs and colors like blue and purple, I didn't take it because I looked even darker than this one. This neon green is not so hurtful to my eyes but captivating and very useful especially when school starts, our building is centralized, which means from top to bottom of that building, aircon is everywhere. So cheers to this! To be honest with you guys, this is size "L" and it shows! Even if that was the case, I couldn't let go of this piece and finally decided to get it! Here comes the drama queen strutting her stuff!

I want to tell you guys that is this very comfy! The texture of this sweatshirt if very soft and tender to the skin. Although it isn't for warm weather but it keeps you from feeling the heat! And the sequenced crown and heart is really well done!

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