Monday, June 3, 2013


Feeling boogie! Went out on a date with myself. Kinda weird because I didn't enjoy my date, knowing that the tri-malls of Ayala is too crowded. Maybe I'll call it as "School Rush!" for all the parents out there who are rushing for sales and high quality stuffs for their children. :) Good for me I already went doing that earlier (evil laugh with choking part).

But before all that, I visited Alleckxis and her dear mother in their shop at A Venue Mall. Hihihihi. Chatted for a while and I went on with my date (Hoity-toity feeling!!). I felt a little annoyed because it's hot! Oh Philippines, embracing too much heat and not even letting humid blow up our town. Yoohoo!

So I went to the mall, bought a couple of stuff (especially my super expensive toothbrush!) and I noticed that people had been staring me. I felt conscious if I have dirt on my face, on my blouse or dirt down my shorts or legs. XD It felt uneasy and uneasy is bad! I checked the washroom and saw nothing. So I started walking with my earphones on, not really caring who passes by or who looks. Although I can feel a some people (guys and girls, and I'm not saying that I'm a crowd stopper or something) staring at me, looking at me from head to toe. I don't if I should be proud or pissed but heck no one will ruin my day! All I know is, I'm confident, feelin' pretty and werrking it!

Am I a crowd stopper and a head-turner? Hahaha. Not that I'm feeling it. Whacha think?

( Romance Retro Rock (RRR) Sunset tee, A's black shorts, vintage watch from momma, Greenberries Shop accessories, Mickey mouse ring)
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