Monday, June 3, 2013

*Insert Sensible Title*

I had a really bad dream this morning and when I woke up I was sweating really bad! Boo-hoo-hooooo. -.- I thought it was gonna be for real but hey thank god it was a dream. I'd rather get my braces tighten twice rather than have another one of those scary nightmares. Anyway, mum said we will be watching movies tomorrow! It's a big "YEHEY!" but I was suppose to meet up with my friend tomorrow. I haven't seen her for years already and it's a total burden if I don't get to meet her. I've tried a lot of times on meeting her but heck I'm always caught in the middle of a family gathering and a friendly get together so sometimes I'm feeling a little beaten up bad!

So now, I'm practically listening to music (or I'm just pressing "play button" on my music player), typing this and sitting next to a bunch of bananas which makes me feel like eating it all but there's no ice cream or nutella and so it sucks! But since I'm really getting a bad start for my day I'm planning to end it really good. But guess what? I don't even know if this post have connections but I'm really going to get a whole lot of trouble soon!

Ohhh. Before anything else (BTW, the bananas smells so sweet!), I want you to show you this photo of my own making me banana split! This is not from  other websites. Just a note, my friend told me I stole it from Google or something. </3 Anyway, what do you think?

This is actually the last scoop of ice cream I had. Oh well, all I know is, pretty soon I'm going to brag about buying a half gallon of vanilla ice cream (perfect for banana split) since our ref is always filled with frozen food junks!

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