Sunday, June 16, 2013

Neutral and Love

Today, we  bought this black one piece boy-leg swimsuit for swimming class. At first, I wanted to buy a Speedo swimmie because of the quality and assurance that it can last. But since I found out about what kind of area will be swimming in, I changed my mind. I wouldn't buy a three thousand swimsuit for a (I'll admit) crappy pool. But I have no choice, I have to take the class no matter what. So I decided to buy a swimmie less than a thousand. It's quality is also there, the style, the type of swimsuit which is required most importantly. :)

It's kind of like this: 

You get the idea right? :)

Here's the outfit for today! Yey! I get to post OOTD at last.

Neutral colors guys! With a touch of red, to make it look not boring and a little more of attractive and a little less of distractive.

This is an actually knee-length shorts, and very vintage! when I ask for it from my auntie, it smelled like it's been stuck in I don't know what storage for the past decade. Yes, it actually smells dusty and rough! Since I wanted so bad, I had to work it. And oh, my mom has one exactly like this! But hers is blue, which isn't vintage-y looking but yes, there's this one time years ago, we wore the exact same outfit: the shorts, the top which is a V-neck plain white shirt and flats. It was fun, people thought we were sisters!

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