Monday, June 10, 2013

Pink Rose

I was checking out my old clothes and I found something I haven't worn for over seven years. It is this knee-length rose-colored skirt! And can you believe it? It doesn't look old! :) As far as I remember, it doesn't fit me and it's too long but now, it's fits perfectly! :) Take a look!

I can honestly say that it is very girly and not-so-my-thing but I love it! I love how I can match it with simple pieces because the skirt alone makes an impression. :) And it's not too bright or too light. I love its three linings!

It's perfect for family gatherings, dates, or maybe just a walk in the park! 

What do you think about this guys? :)

P.S: Sorry guys for the messy hair. I just finished bathing and I haven't fix my hair!
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