Sunday, June 16, 2013


I came to school around 7:20 AM only to think we do not have another professor. But what twists everything is our schedule has changes all of a sudden. Now we have two 7AM classes which really sucks 'cause (1) it's too early, (2) the professor might not attend the class, (3) I'm a lazy-a*s student truthfully and last I have no time to feed myself! A little sacrifice should be done but for me, as they considered as an unhealthy child, I run the food in our kitchen (top that!) Anywoo, I had lunch with at Hap Chan and yes, the food choices are "must-try". After that, we headed to Starbucks; coffee bliss!

My niece is a total perk and a very "maarti" girl! She ate my Honey Glaze Doughnut. She started dancing like a ballerina with every turn she close her eyes and feel the dance. She's a total perk I tell ya! But when she saw my tinie tiny camera, she stopped and grabbed the camera from me. I told her where to click to capture photos and she started posing for "selfie" photos although some photos were blurred so I had to delete them. (Seriously guys, don't lend her your phones or it's going to be flooded with her face) She was eager to keep taking photos, she told me to pose for her so she can take photos of me. Since I'm a good auntie, I did so as she said.

She even took my Chocolate Chip Frap all to herself. She claims our auntie do not make her eat or drink chocolate and so she took advantage of that moment to cherish chocolate, so fine there ya go! Effect: crazy, playful, big head Kyss!

I took this photo when she runs away, she said she doesn't want no more photos. But here, explaining the truth.

Baby big head Dora :)

Well, we do have this "Love-Hate Relationship" going on between us. At home, she literally drives me away but when there's us two, she goes chatting and playing with me. We like to play jokes on each other and I tease her a lot with here big head which makes her furious. Still, everybody knows she's just hiding the fact that I'm fun, funny, and super cool auntie!

To make a kid, happy, you gotta do what she wants. Look funny, take pictures, and play! (They said she got this flirty, "maarti" side of hers from me. I admit, I am. :))

She starts grabbing the camera and shoot! If you don't give it to her, she screams. I didn't spoil her, did I?

She said, teeth only. She gets it! Oh, this 5 year old kid also said, my teeth was sewed, mentioning my braces. Sewed, really?!

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