Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Class!

I started Saturday really great. Well, pretty much and yes I only have one 3-hour class guys. And that's noted! Good for me I studied last night since we had a quiz earlier. It wasn't really hard, although my brain's fully loaded as well as my physical appearance and I can't function well. I guess I managed. I got a good score and the wrong ones seems to make the class laugh. Anyway, I was hanging out with these people which is making my first semester in sophomore year a good start!

A classroom. Yes, somehow it's almost time for our first and last class and there's too many students in this class. Aren't we crowded enough for you guys to see me? LOL


Ma. Erlo Wayne's a bit shy.

One of the best buds I've met and pain-in-the-butt girly girl, Deanne!


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