Thursday, June 13, 2013

School Day 1

At last, CEU-Makati held their first day this 13th of June, 2013. I got up so early thinking of not being late on my first subject. Badly, the professor was absent. -_______- Soooo we decided to eat super early lunch and still eat. Hahahaha. I know I know. It's kinda weird but after that, we got energy to play! Seriously, morning classes no professors? Well, here's our lesson!

A lot of people said I got skinny-er. And I'm like, "WTH?! If only you saw how much I ate this summer!" But sadly, it was all true. I got skinny-er and sexy-er too. Hihihi. I know it is not going to be easy to gain back my weight (in my case of course) well, there's always food awaiting.

Alright! Here's a little chat I want to say since I didn't a while ago because I'm sleepy and I don't know why chocolate didn't help me stay awake. What a bore! So, I got up early and took a little nap in the bathroom (bcoz it's too early) but I feel like you don't need to know that. Fast forward; I went to school thinking if there would only be a few students by that hour since the sun hasn't fully smiled at me yet. But when I walked my way to our street, wow, freshmen students with their mothers waiting for some new friends or block mates or whatever they're doing. Even our little own 7-11 is filled with freshman. I was like, "Dude, you too excited! And this is just like any other school day, just a different level in education.." I was being mean but yeah it's fun!

Here's a shortcut, we all met at our designated floor (which I came in panic because I didn't remember) and chatted and waited and every-thang! Our NTSP (National Training Service Program) runs for a good 3 hours. So literally, the door was locked, we were all standing and waited for nothing. A lot got frustrated because our professor didn't show up but I be she/he must explain truthfully. I was sleepy but still, got dragged ans tripped once and twice going to the 8th floor and back to 6th and tried being dragged 5th floor. Damn I'm lazy! But who cares? I was hungry and sleepy. I ate a little "Skyflakes" I bought at our cafeteria, it was not crunchy. What a big disappointment! Selling old snacks, psh!

We decided to eat... And eat.... And eat... And eat some more. After that, we kid and played and run around since we (again) don't have a second subject. Golly! What happened to these people? We chatted, a little drama, and laughed a lot. We went kind of wild since we are normally and my friends acted a little drunk which is funny. Oh well, thank God we met our last professor for Psychology (can you believe it?). But I don't know what's his name since he has this low voice and he's really observing in an unnoticeable way. Well, at least our day ended very well! Except for the freakin' heavy rain and wind which I thank Mother Earth for not blowing me up! What a total perk!! :)
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