Wednesday, June 5, 2013

School Girl!

June is in! And that means summer ends and school starts. It's a big down for the little ones and teens right? But mind you, who doesn't love going to school once again seeing their friends, learning new things, getting your everyday allowance and a sure shot awesome experience at school! So here's what I came up to for another sweet, typical school girl outfit!

Would you really believe that I am wearing a black skirt? Take a guess!

Mom's vintage belt from when she was in her "dalaga" days. It's adjustable and perfect!

And can you believe? This is the skirt I was wearing. This black dress is too large for me, too old for me and  that's because momma was a fatty before. Good thing she's not reading this!

I have been using this pink vest since first year high school. And since then, I haven't given up on it because I know I can use to it by mixing clothes. I can even wear it like a cow girl style, if you can imagine! What do you think about this? :)

(So-En white camisole, vintage black dress (made into skirt) by momma, vintage belt, old pink vest)
P.S: No make up has been applied and oh, my pahabol photo. :)
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