Friday, June 21, 2013

Swimming Lesson 101

Today was a typical day. Well, not much but here's a little twist of everything. We had our first PE 13 class, individual sports focusing on swimming lessons. Fun? I doubt that! We are going to do "it" in the waters of Pasay Complex. Really? Pasay? Complex? Everybody reacted when we first found out. I don't know what to say...

Anyway, when we arrived at the place. it wasn't ideal. It was far from the "ideal" and expectations I had n mind. Geez! And I tried getting new perspective but I was hoping it was some cleaner, more neat kind of place. The water looked clean, chlorine-filled pool, the restroom, bad and dirty. Facilities not that tidy. Sadly, we are going to spend 19 more meetings in that pool. Thankfully, we have this pool! :)

I was practicing the routine our professor since I found a way to breathe while continuing basic swimming and thought I could try and take one lap although it somehow crossed my mind that I have always have a really hard time breathing in the water but I still want to get that one lap creep up my guts!

I went on it. Kicked the wall for a push and swam. I caught my first breath when I went up but I failed to catch it for the third time so I decided to stop. The pool was deeper while it comes nearer to the center. And guess where I landed, in the middle, 6 ft. and yes, I couldn't breathe. I thought I could still catch up my breath but when I got a hold of the divider thingy in the pool. But since it was deeper than I thought, I drowned. Panic mode ON! I called the attention of my one my block mates, she came and helped me out. Oh I drank a lot of dirty water and yes, I was dying. My sternum was literally getting tighter and it was hard to pump blood and oxygen, in short, my costochondritis was triggered (have this for like a couple of years ago).

Since I couldn't move a muscle and I have to stop moving to decrease the pain, my block mates came and literally threw me out of the pool. I tried coughing out the filthy water I drank but I guess my stomach was thirsty for filthy. Good thing, it stopped as I start to breathe quietly. And good thing not everybody in our class saw it. Whew! Less trouble and issue! The people who saw me were like, "Hala! Anong nangyare?! (Oh! What happened?!)" etc. I was shaking and I tried calming myself by laughing.

So there's a risk I took in this class. Since I do not want a grade of "three" for meeting half of the lap pool thank you very much, professor. The system is stressful. -_-

There's something sensible! :D I'll take more risks and write about them better. :D
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