Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vintage Floral

Did you know that this dress is too big for me and it's end is up to my ankle. Well, this is again, momma's maxi dress. And trust me, I'm half of what the size of this dress. Well, I just managed to fit it without ruining its actual look. To be honest, mom's clothes are really nice and chic (and so I'm another envious little daughter). -_- 

Note: I am being so "maarti" and model-ish again. Hahaha.
Let me say that this dress does not suit me much, right? Hihihihihi. Since it doesn't look nice on me, I did some fashion and re-styling. :)

Note: MODELING 101
Ta-dah! So here's what it looked like after some re-styling I did. Okay, I feel vintage and so formal and yet it suits me better than the maxi dress-style. Happy Me!

It's not easy to actually do this but I did it! This floral dress really feels young, formal and stylish! I know I can actually wear this to certain events or family gatherings. I feel like I can wear it during spring or fall season but we don't have it so summer it is!

The sad part is, I wasn't really able to cut or sew the maxi dress. So I can't still wear them outdoors depends on how, where and when I will wear it. :)

(Floral Maxi dress from mom, and yellow and black belt from mom; all vintage)

P.S: I'm sorry you guys for taking ugly photos. :( I feel bad I can't post good quality photos. -__- I can't find an all-around, everyday photographer for my posts. :( But I'll try better to post better photos for you guys next time. I just hope I can find that "all-around, everyday, no-need-for-payment kind of photographer". I will be praying for him/her to come. I hope he/she comes! :( :)

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