Friday, July 12, 2013

Life of A Scorpion

I don't really know how and what to wear in this pretty Ayala Gardens in Makati City. because of that, I decided to post my OOTD every weekday in ten months. In Centro Escolar University, students are taught to be a total professional once they step out of the university's parameters. I made friends with the most amazing people and learned a lot of things. Good thing about college is that I was underestimated, helped, taught by the best mentors I could ever have (which I don't expect to like them) and I was learning on how to deal with the public in different ways. It makes me appreciate the littlest things and strive for better understanding about reality and the community.

Anyway, I looked like I'm writing an essay or something, so less talking and more showing! (I look so hot here! LOL)


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