Friday, August 9, 2013

Advocacy 1: Save Life. Stop Abortion

This is my advocacy for our Speech class. Hm.. I had it edited with the help of my good friend, Mae Alido. And I got to say, she is amazing! Thanks to her, I somehow removed the technical errors. Or depends.. Lol


Did you know that in other countries, abortion was never an issue to them? Even their own government has been giving out free contraceptives and birth controls and the state does not interfere with whatever the women want to do with their bodies. But here in the Philippines, abortion is a crime.
Abortion is an act of removing the fetus from the uterus prior to viability. Here in our country, abortion has many forms of illegal act, although a certain law under general criminal law of principles abides that abortion may be legally performed to save a pregnant woman’s life. It may be in a form of miscarriage or induced. In addition to this, statistics showed that 400,000 to 500,000 abortions were reported and 100,000 are illegally done every year and they end up in the hospital in the year 2005.
Many stories regarding abortion were told and documented. In fact, a 50-year old grandmother says that she lost count of the number of pregnancies that she terminated in this country where abortion is illegal. She also said that most women who come to her are not capable having a child. Others stated that too young and couldn’t face all responsibilities.
This tragedy affects low-income women who cannot afford effective contraceptives. Why would they actually have sexual intercourse if they don’t want the baby in the first place? They might as well not do it and they won’t have any problem. No unwanted pregnancy, no abortion.
Sure a lot of popular and respective people had already said they stand up for life. Actually, they don’t they stand up for birth. I mean who would comfortably sit back at their tinted-window SUV’s and pass by hundreds of street children walking around Manila. As a matter of fact, a European biologist stated that giving out 500-php bills during election campaigns does not count as “standing up for life”.
Filipina women deserve better. They should respect themselves and the life of the child during pregnancy. Bearing a child is a gift and we should be thankful for them. So let us not solve a problem by making another mistake. Save Life. Stop Abortion.

Honestly, I'm werrking again for another advocacy regarding Suicide. I have to make another one because this first one, I have a partner and I don't want her because she could bring my grades down since we are not graded individually. :( So, my professor asked me to make another but shorter. I hope I can finish it tonight so I can memorize. :D

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