Wednesday, August 7, 2013

American Red!

So, I wasn't really doing anything or was I? I was too lazy to do school works by this hour. So here's... the RED shirt! Oh how I like this shirt. I was a bit large for my tiny body but it's comfy, light and yes, it's not tight! Talk about getting fitted clothes. I mean, they are, UGH - not my usual house clothes or outdoor clothes. -_____- I'm pretty busy so here's just a little buzz.

I know, I know. I look odd, silly and totally drunk. But hey, the girl's just brain-floated and wasted! Please bare with me. Thank you!

Earthling face! Good right? Ehhhh - I notice. My hair seems to grow very fast! I feel like it's too healthy. That's where all my body's nutrients go to. -.-

I hate it when my friend's teases me "Skeleton" or "payat". It was cool at first, but I'm getting the feeling of being offended. Anyway, I don't tell. Maybe somebody might read it here and change your mind and stop teasing. Because it is not cool, man! It is not!!! (just saying)
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