Friday, August 23, 2013

Pork Barrel Scam

I mostly post random stuffs, sensible and non-sensible. I know that. But this one is different for me. I cannot bear ....

Do I have to say anything? I cannot say anything anymore. I'm just too disgusted by the local media, some previous and current leaders of our government. I'm not half way to what I am reading until now, but yes I can feel the disgust and I cannot clear my throat while reading this blog. It is very detailed, clearly identified the people involved in this issue. When this issue was first dropped and showed to the public, I knew that this is going to be big and soon be known worldwide. What will the others say to our country? Philippines is a beautiful, unique and one of the homes of flora and fauna country, mostly the locals would say. But is that enough to cover up all the corrupt? Seriously, this is what they do to freakin' corrupt money from working class people. There is a lot about Pork Barrel Scam in this blog. I admit, I am blind about this issue, not that I don't watch TV. Actually, I don't not if my mom and my aunt watches news. But reading this blog, it all makes sense. Everything I have to know about Pork Barrel is here, in this blog.

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