Thursday, August 22, 2013


Since Typhoon Maring came, classes and offices had been suspend for days. People in different parts of our were badly flooded and houses were tore down. I am thankful for I am in the safe zone in Makati although it is heartbreaking to see photos, videos from the news about those places who were flooded and destroyed (not totally) by the Typhoon Maring. 

So while it was raining yesterday, I had this idea of on SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a really cool website. When I get bored, I'll visit my site and listen to different songs recorded and shared by others. Hihihihi.

It is not productive but oh well, I was dedicating this song to the Typhoon who nearly destroyed my beloved Philippines. Thank you to you, my country is stronger and they are more considerate of helping one another (although I wanted to volunteer but yes, mom would not let me) in times of need. :)

So guys, please bear with me. I am not a good singer (but my grandma is). Lol 

P.S Noted I don't play guitar or any musical instruments. Sorry to disappoint. Hope you enjoy! :)
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