Monday, August 19, 2013

Zark's Burgers!

Let's talk about being starved for not having proper breakfast and drinking morning not-so-hot milk in the morning (which does not clearly satisfy me), well, here's a place for me to feed myself and feel the afternoon delight of some delicious goody Zark's Burger! I don't know why but I never get to be full (eating) even though I eat too much. Is it because I wasn't born to be some kind of fatty cutie kid whole runs slowly and looks really cute on photos or I'm now feeding some not-so-cool parasitic protozoans in my tummy who eats all the goods in my every food (that sounds a bit gross, right? Or do I even make sense at all?).

Going back to the main topic, I was with a friend by then when we craved for Zark's. It took me a while to pick what I want. I was too starving and I was craving for rice but I thought, buying rice is not really a good dish to order at Zark's. I mean, I should've eaten at Mcdonald's instead. So we both ordered the All American Star, the classic bacon cheeseburger. Well, if you ask me, this is the only cheeseburger I will never get tired to feast on (was that right?). The best place to be with burgers: Zark's Burgers!

Ooohh. This photo wall shows all the people who took their Tombstone challenge. I won't take this, 1/4 pound burger for my face to be posted here, no thanks! But yes, salute to these men (they're all men) who took the challenge and succeeded!

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